Who are the divas on Raw and SmackDown?

Who are the divas on Raw and SmackDown?

The seasons of both brands contain various brand crossovers as well as the chance to compete for divas to utilize as managers during the season if they are won. Sable, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Victoria are among the divas (albeit Molly Holly and Victoria do not present in Season Mode).

Raw has had The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, Natalya, Summer Rae, and Tamina as well as The Funkadactyls (Michelle McCool and Maryse) appear on the show. While on SmackDown there have been Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Jillian Hall, Kelly Kelly, Naomi, Natalya, Michelle McCool, Sarah Logan, and Tamina as well as The Funkadactyls (Maryse and Nicole).

In addition to this, there have been several male wrestlers manage some of the females on the shows including Chris Jericho who managed Sable, The Miz who managed Eva Marie, and Kevin Nash who managed Stacy Keibler all during their respective runs with the company.

Other males that have appeared as coaches on the shows include Booker T, The Godfather (Paul Bearer), Harvey Whittenbach, Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Vince McMahon.

SmackDown has had more appearances by women than Raw with a total of 14 compared to Raw's 13.

Who are the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw divas?

The game includes a season mode in which celebrities compete for their respective brands for a season. Sable, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Trish Stratus are among the divas.

The mode also includes a lucha libre style battle royal mode called Battle Royal. In this mode, the player chooses one wrestler out of all those on the roster to be the champion while the others will be opponents. Each round of the battle royal consists of all the wrestlers fighting each other with only one person left at the end of the match. If a wrestler is pinned or submitted they will immediately be eliminated from the battle royal.

Finally, the game includes a backstage mode where the player can talk with the stars of the show about opportunities that may come up during interviews, matches, etc.. This mode is available for all the wrestlers on the roster.

Women have been used extensively by the WWE throughout its history, especially during the Diva's Revolution era when they were given more authority over their careers. Women have played key roles in the success of WWE programs including WrestleMania I where Linda McMahon was involved in the main event, World Wrestling Federation (WWF)'s flagship program and has had several women hold the WWF Women's Championship, and today's WWE where WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks is one of the company's biggest stars.

Can a diva wrestle in raw season mode?

In SvR '06, all divas may wrestle and serve as managers or special referees, but they cannot be employed in Season Mode. CLASSIFICATION: WWE Smackdown or WWE Raw (And ECW, but it was defunct at the time of this game.) In the game, these are referred to as "brands." MANAGERS AND SPECIAL REFS: All divas are eligible to be managers or special referees.

A manager manages his/her brand by making matches for and coaching wrestlers. A special referee is used when there is no match to officiate or prevent violence outside of the ring. Managers and special referees can sign contracts with WWE offices to become full-time employees.

RAW BRAND WOMEN CAN WRESTLE IN RAW SEASON MODE: Yes, only women can be hired as special referees or managers. They can also compete in the Divas Championship Tournament or find other opportunities within the company. Only one woman has ever been drafted during the draft phase of Smackdown! Here is how the process works: The executive director of talent management picks five women from a list of applicants submitted by WWE Studios. These women will then go on to have storylines on both brands over the course of a month. When asked about including men in the brand extension, Vince McMahon said it wasn't necessary because "women will sell tickets".

MEN CANNOT WRESTLE ON RAW: No, only women can work on the Raw brand.

Who is Renee Young on Total Divas season 6?

Renee Young, who joined the Total Divas cast in season 6, As WrestleMania 32 approaches, the divas learn that they will no longer be referred to as "Divas," but rather "Superstars" like their male counterparts in the WWE; Lana makes her in-ring debut; Brie and Nikki debate Brie's retirement; and Trinity's hair becomes damaged.

Young was born on January 4th, 1983 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and began training at the age of 17 for a career in professional wrestling. Before joining the cast of Total Divas, she worked as an agent for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for several years.

She first came into contact with the company when she applied for a job as a phone operator but was eventually hired as a staff writer where she wrote segments for the website WWE.com. It was here that she met her future wife, Naomi, who was also working for WWE at the time. The two started dating soon after and were married on November 5th, 2008. They have one son together named Wyatt James Young. After divorcing Young in 2015, Naomi went on to marry Daniel Bryan a year later.

After leaving WWE, Young took some time off from wrestling to focus on her family but recently returned to in-ring competition at the age of 31. She has so far appeared on two episodes of Total Divas and will be appearing again during the show's sixth season.

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