Greenmont focuses on early- and growth-stage companies and requires trailing 12-month revenue of at least $1 million for a company to be considered for investment.

Greenmont seeks investment opportunities in branded, consumer products companies with a clear LOHAS orientation. This primarily includes, but is not limited to, companies within the Food & Beverage and/or Natural Products categories. Greenmont may also consider smaller-scale opportunities in the Alternative Energy/Clean Tech space, a.k.a. "consumer clean tech," that provide for branded, consumer-facing products and/or applications. Privately held companies are preferred.

Greenmont will consider investment opportunities in North America and Europe. 

Board Representation
Greenmont typically requires a seat on the Board of Directors.  

Special Situations
Greenmont will consider situations that fit our expertise, including management-led buyouts and investments that offer liquidity to dissident shareholders. Greenmont also has the ability to invest in unique structures such as subordinated debt or private transactions in public equities.