Greenmont Capital Partners’ investment team blends expertise in private investing, strategic planning, operations, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Cumulatively, these individuals bring over 100 years’ experience in the LOHAS market. Greenmont’s management and investment committee personnel have served on Boards of Directors with a variety of companies including Crocs, Whole Foods Markets, Celestial Seasonings, White Wave, Gaiam, EcoTimber, Aurora Organic Dairy, Dean Foods Company, Nude Skincare, Fresh & Wild, Seventh Generation, Wild Oats Marketplace, Blue Sun Biodiesel, Ganeden Biotech, EcoSmart Technologies, Horizon Organic Dairy, Traditional Medicinals, RSF Social Finance, Alfalfa’s Markets, IZZE Beverage Company and Eco-Products. Through active leadership in the LOHAS space, our Greenmont team offers unique and proprietary access to compelling investment opportunities. Additionally, a vast majority of Investment Team members have been a venture-backed CEO, contributing first-hand entrepreneurial experience and the ability to facilitate positive relationships between operators and investors.

Management Team
Todd Woloson, Managing Director
David Haynes, Managing Director
Barney Feinblum, Managing Director

Hass Hassan, Managing Director
Kim Bixel, Partner
Pam Shepherd, Vice President

Investment Committee Members
Steve Demos, Venture Partner
Michelle Goolsby, Venture Partner
Bryan Meehan, Venture Partner
Paul Repetto, Venture Partner
Mark Retzloff, Venture Partner
John Shields, Venture Partner

Greenmont Capital Partners is also fortunate to have the strong group of extended industry advisors listed below. In addition, many other prominent entrepreneurs in the natural products industry are friends of Greenmont.

Stan Amy
, Nature’s Fresh Northwest (Portland, Oregon)
Caryn Ellison, Celestial Seasonings, Alfalfa’s Markets and Crocs (Boulder, Colorado)
David and Heather Howitt, Meriwether Capital Partners and Oregon Chai (Portland, Oregon)
Steve Hughes, Boulder Specialty Brands (Boulder, Colorado)
Richard Youngman, United Natural Foods (Chesterfield, New Hampshire)
Anthony Zolezzi, Pet Promise (Los Angeles, California)