Thank you for your interest in Greenmont Capital Partners ("Greenmont"). As a family of funds focused on investments in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability ("LOHAS") industry, we have assembled a team of industry insiders and count industry participants as our colleagues, investors and active contributors within Greenmont. Our Limited Partners include major consumer products companies, as well as executives, directors and affiliates of many potentially competitive industry participants. Certain of these Limited Partners have contractual rights to review certain information and materials in possession of Greenmont.

Please be aware Greenmont assumes no obligation to protect or preserve the information contained within any business plans, financial statements or financial data, emails, correspondence, resumes, or other content or material (including any feedback or response you may receive from Greenmont) that you submit or otherwise make available to Greenmont (collectively, "Materials"). In the absence of a written confidentiality agreement executed by a Managing Director of Greenmont (an "NDA"), no legal obligation of any kind or nature is created by the submission of these Materials and any such materials shall not be deemed confidential, notwithstanding any marking to the contrary. Please note that email or other electronic correspondence shall, in no event, constitute an NDA or other agreement restricting Greenmont's use or disclosure of the Materials. Accordingly, please act carefully in deciding whether to include any sensitive or confidential information in your Materials. Contact Jessica Ardery, Office Manager, at (303) 444-0599 x1 with any questions or concerns prior to submitting such Materials to Greenmont.

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