Greenmont I's investment portfolio since November 2004 fund inception includes the following:
The mission of Blue Horizon Seafood Company, Inc., is “to build a seafood business that supplies sustainably caught, wild, and organically farmed seafood products to the North American market while helping protect the health of aquatic ecosystems.”
Bossa Nova Beverage Group is a marketer of all-natural antioxidant beverages and was acquired by Sunny Delight in June 2009.
EcoTimber, Inc., is a leading supplier of high-quality wood products from sustainable sources.
IZZE Beverage Company is a marketer of all-natural sparkling fruit juice beverages and was acquired by PepsiCo., Inc., in September 2006.
Little Dish is a London-based company that produces and markets a range of innovative, pediatrician-designed, refrigerated, fresh food for toddlers made from 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives and no added salt or sugar.
Mary's Gone Crackers, Inc., is a producer of wheat- and gluten-free crackers and other baked organic products.
New Resource Bank is a full-service commercial bank specializing in "green" business.
Community Energy, Inc., is a producer and marketer of wind energy and was acquired by Iberdrola Renewable Energies in June 2006.
OZOcar, LLC, is a provider of eco-friendly transportation services using hybrid automobiles.
Pax Scientific, Inc., commercializes patented scientific discoveries in fluid dynamics and natural flow properties into industrial applications such as fans.

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